Coarse skin, acne scars, large pores


■ 2-3 sessions of eMatrix resurfacing

■ 1-3 sessions of Intense Pulsed Light therapy

Cost range $350-$2,000 (based on number of sessions)

Sun-Damaged skin usually is comprised of several types of blemishes including brown spots ( otherwise known as liver spots or sun spots), melasma ( hormone induced skin darkening), red blotchy patches, fine lines or crepey skin. The best treatment for rejuvenating sun-damaged skin is to resurface the skin, reduce the appearance of the dark spots, improve the lines and the complexion of the skin. Resurfacing can be done with several different treatments, which all work together to achieve the desired result. Usually 3-5 treatments are necessary to achieve optimal result and in severely damaged skin, more treatments may be needed.

I recommend 2-3 sessions of sublative resurfacing, which is the most advanced non-laser radiofrequency based skin re-surfacer available to date. The technique involves controlled damage of only 5% of the area treated by introducing small pore-sized holes, through which the energy is inducted to affect the underlying layers of skin to bring about cell renewal and collagen rebuilding. The advantage of this procedure, known as eMatrix, is minimal downtime of 2 days of redness and no open wounds or bruises. The discomfort is mild and most people do not need any pre-medication. For reduction of the dark spots, we can treat them with Intense Pulsed light ( or known as photo-facial) which will selectively damage the dark pigmented cells while preserving normal skin. In a few days to one week after treatment, the brown spots or discoloration will become light scabs and begin to slough off leaving light skin behind. Darker spots or larger areas may required more than one treatment. This procedure can be uncomfortable but pre-medication is very helpful, and minimal to no down time is expected unless dark spots are very large. For those people who have rosacea or broken blood vessels, the Intense Pulse Light will also be helpful. It is the treatment of choice for brown spots and redness.

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