Skin Laxity


Skin Laxity results in jowls, chin droops, eye lid droops, nasal labial folds, crepie hands, and contribute to wrinkly tummies and dimply thighs or loose skin under arms. Thermage is the FDA approved, Gold Standard skin tightening treatment for those who's laxity is not severe enough for surgery or who do not wish to have surgery. Thermage is not equal to surgery. Thermage is a skin tightening system that uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate your own collagen rebuilding in order to achieve the skin tightening affect. The result is usually subtle but noticeable, your face will appear more contoured, shapely and your chin will be more tucked in.

For the other body areas, Thermage can achieve tightening, smoothing and circumference reduction in some cases. Thermage is done through applying repeated radiofrequency pulses ( radiofrequency is the same energy source surgeons use to cauterize small blood vessels during surgery) with a treatment tip that is placed against your skin. No injection, no incisions and no down time are involved. There is a slight pinching sensation, and the new patented vibrational Thermage CPT tips have made the treatments very tolerable with minimal discomfort and maximal affect. Thermage is done as an one-time treatment but can be repeated once every 2-3 years, and each treatment takes about 2-3 hours to complete.

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