Botox® Injection Jaw line Contouring

For many people, especially women, an overly prominent or square jaw line is less desirable. Botox®jaw line contouring can be performed to make the jawline less prominent and give it a softer, smoother appearance.

People who have an enlarged masseter frequently have a squarish jaw line. The masseter is a muscle located in the jaw, responsible for moving the jaw when people clench or chew. Eating tough, hard foods, chewing gum excessively, or habitually clenching or grinding the teeth can result in a noticeable enlargement of the masseter.

Surgical forms of jawline contouring involve invasive, painful and complicated techniques such as shaving the bone of the jaw or removing the outer muscle layers of the lower jaw; today, however, there is an effective non-surgical alternative to improve your facial contour, which allows patients to resume normal activities immediately, with no downtime and with no complications! It is also painless and far less expensive than surgical alternatives. The use of Botox® injections for jaw line contouring has been scientifically proven to relax the masseter by blocking nerve impulses to the masseter (very much like treating wrinkles) so that the masseter muscle gradually diminishes, narrowing the lower face and softening the apperance of jaw line contour.

Noticeable results usually appear within 2-6 weeks after the treatment. The effects of Botox® injection jawline contouring tends to last a bit longer than forehead cosmetic injections, as the jawline volume takes longer to return. The slimming effects normally lasts from 4 to 8 months, although in some individual cases the results may last up to one year.


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