Wrinkles, Creases, Dimples


■ eLaser 3-6 treatments

■ Dermafiller every 8-12 months

■ Botox every 4-5 months

■ eMatrix 1-3 treatments

Cost Range $240 +

There are several different kinds of wrinkles that can make us look worried, angry or otherwise less than satisfactory. Wrinkles can be produced by sun damage, usage and skin laxity. We seek to treat both static and dynamic wrinkles. Botox is very useful for dynamic wrinkles that deepens as we move our facial muscles both consciously and subconsciously. These are the lines between the eye brows, the horizontal lines on the forehead and the crows-feet lines next to the eyes. These areas are best treated with relaxing the muscles so the lines soften and eventually smooth out with repeated treatments. Lines that are so deep that they persist even when the muscles are relaxed are called static wrinkles.

Dr. Chen recommends using the eLaser, which is the newest technology that combines Laser and Radiofrequency energies to stimulate cell renewal and collagen growth, thereby allowing further smoothing of the wrinkles. eLaser need to be repeated so that the rejuvenating process can be maximized. It's a good adjunct to treating wrinkles and creases and can be used in areas where Botox is not applicable. We also use dermafillers to help fill in deep creases and dimples that often are signs of aging or skin laxity in the lower half of the face.

Hyaluronic Acid is a substance that all mammals already have in our skin, Juvederm is just a thick gel formulation of the Hyaluronic Acid that can be injected under the skin to achieve a temporary ( up to one year ) smoothing affect. The skin is prepped with numbing gel prior to injection and there is minimal discomfort and redness associated with injections, the result is immediately visible and can be molded or massaged for a more natural look. In addition, eMatrix can be added to further anti-age the complexion, please refer to sun-damaged skin for a full description. For more information on these techniques please see the following links:




eMatrix (Sublative resurfacing)

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